Monday, 1 December 2008

More Miniature Lakeland Villages photos and an Award

Thank you Julie for giving me the above Award. I was absolutely thrilled to receive it!

I am now going to have to pull my socks up so that I can live up to your kindness.

I will come back to make a 'special Entry' with my own list of those whom I believe deserve to share this award too. There are so many to choose from!

Meanwhile as promised earlier..some more photos of the Miniature Lakeland Village.

Above are more photos of the Miniature Lakeland Village which we took our grandson to see whilst he stayed for a weeks holiday with us in the Summer? (Monsoon time really..hahaha!)

On this same day we had visited the Aquarium of the Lakes, at the far end of Windermere Lake, near where we live. This time it wasn't such a good relaxing experience as the rain had forced everybody on holiday in the lakes, with their children, indoors at the same time. All we saw as we shuffled along in line to see the exhibits were wet kagools and queues stretching back out the doors.

Finding this little quiet oasis in this man's back garden was lovely...the rain had stopped for a while too.

There are a lot of man hours in his works. Nowadays he and his wife and family run it as a little business so that they can make a bit of money, since he can no longer work full time because of his M.E.

I never did manage to rescue my journal on AOL but I did manage to save some of the pages which meant a lot to me. Maybe when I have a bit more nouse about how to post on Blogger quicker than I am doing at the moment, I will copy some across for you all to read again so that I have them once again on-line.


Stay well and happy.


Jeanie xx


Lisa said...

I have just caught up on your entries I've missed. Congrats on the awards you've received and in my opinion you are a superb scribbler!!!

So Bryan was really taken with Elkie's singing - that is great. Perhaps he will be a more willing participant in theatre in the future now that he's had such a good experience.

The minature village is awesome! My gosh I can't imagine the thought & time the dear man puts into this!! For only a few hours a day he has done something splendid.

I enjoyed seeing the pics and it is wonderful to see you journaling again!!

Julie said...

I just love that village, the hours it must have taken. Glad you liked the award, you do deserve it.r

Sal said...

Congrats on another very well deserved award Jeanie. The pictures are great too!
Love Sal xx

Joan said...

So sorry you did not manage to transfer you journal from AOL there is a site somewhere with lost blogs in maybe someone will remember where I read it, am afraid I have forgotten. Great photos of the village and your grandson. Love Joan.

Jenny said...

Ask Guido (Atlantic Lines) i think he mentioned something about where the lost blogs where, he might be able to help.
Jenny <><

Sal said...

You can try here Jeanie:

Its called the way back machine.

Marie said...

What a lovely little village. I with we had seen it when we were up there last summer! I would have really enjoyed it. Lovely pictures. Congrats on the awards as well! XXOO

D said...

congrats on the award... and that village is awesome thanks for sharing the pictures.

Jeanie said...

Thanks for your comments on retrieving my aol journal. Guido has been very kind and helped me out in that respect. He is just a STAR!
Thanks Guido.
Jeanie xx

Jeannette said...

I just love the photographs of the miniature village, how delightful. Reminds me a little of Bourton on the Water. Similar stone buildings. Congratulations on your award.

Cathy said...

A deserved award, enjoyed the pictures. I love Scotland, I used to tell my parents when I was a kid that I lived there and would they take me home - nutty kid, I was 5 or 6. Don't have a single idea how that could've happened but I've had a love affair with that land ever since, and expect it to be a life-long one.

Lori J said...

Good evening Jeanie from a very cold and snowy Alberta. Thank-you for stopping by my journal to say hello.
I think the only person that would have known me was Linda from WA and Betty from Koda but I do not think she read it.
That picture was of me as a Jr. Bridesmaid many years ago.
I was just at my Dad's place trying to help his wife clean out some things and have been looking over some VERY old pictures.
Take care and thank-you for those neat pictures. There is a miniature place like that in Victoria BC.


Lori ALBERTA as there is another Lori

CINDY said...

Absolutely beautiful village. I know 2 lil 7yr olds who would love it. Hope all is well aqnd your having a great week.