Thursday, 27 November 2008

Just a few photographs taken in the summer hols

One day .. hopefully soon, I shall master this posting of photos onto my Blog. It just takes forever and I then run out of time to write. Is it me? Or is there anybody out there who finds it takes for ever to make a post?
Oh well! C'est la vie!
I wanted to share a few photos of the 'Summer Monsoon' we experienced here in the Lakes.
Quite a lot of the summer was taken up by having all my family here at various times or my going to see them. More of that another time. (If you have the patience). Lol!
I was away from journalling for so long that there are a lot of photos and reflections about those times for me to still make a note of here on my journal.
In one of the photos above, my grandson Ryan is cocking a snook at the rain and is stood by Bryan's Koi pond acting daft and singing in the rain. It was a funny of those you must keep for posterity and show again when they are older.
The others are of a miniature Lakeland village built by a man in his own back garden as a means of making money to help rear his family which began as a hobby. He is unable to work more than two hours a day, some days he can't, because of having M.E.
He has suffered from it for years and this is his way of occupying himself when he has more energy to spare. I reckon he shows up a lot of we abled bodies, me definitely included at the top of that list.
We enjoyed our visit and were enthralled by his exact replication of well known houses and buildings, here in the Lakes, and elsewhere in places such as Cornwall.
Just a little peep for you to admire his talent. I have lots more but it takes so long to upload on here compared to AOL's Albums.
Oh well! We can't go back there now.
To those of you across the pond.. Do have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Much love
Jeanie xxx


Jan said...

It is hard trying to produce a blog isnt it ,you have to remember to put the last things first ,and then of course some days photobucket will play up ,or AOL IS slow ,Loved your pictures and you memorys and those bright green crocs Jan xx

Julie said...

I just hate the photo format on the blogs. It does take forever and is a mess. I hope they fix it. Loved the small town. I would love to see that some day. Your grandkids are getting so big and cute as usual

Joan said...

Glad to see you back journaling again loved the pictures of you grandson and his green crocs they are so comfy. what a work on that model village looking forward to more.Love Joan

Sal said...

A lovely entry Jeanie, I loved seeing your pictures. I must be a rare one, I actually like Bloggers format, and find it nice to use. Have a lovely day, and I can't wait to see more pictures, if they are as nice as these, we are all in for a lovely treat!
Love Sal xx

Jenny said...

i liked the little village. Wouldn't the borrowers just love it.
Jenny <><

D said...

love the shots!! Couldn't find your email but wanted to respond to the song... never heard the one you did... I was thinking.. ding dong the witch is dead... from oz. LOL

ADB said...

Agree with you that putting up pics is a pain, Jeanie.

Julie said...

Jeanie, I left an award for you at my blog. A much deserved award.

Sybil said...

Jeanie...what excitment I have only just discovered that you are back blogging !!!or writinga journal good on you...I have never got back after the AOL fiasco, ust can't get myself into it now. But still enjoy reading most of the other "gang" members new spots...but YOURS>>>>> hip hip hip hoorray Love Sybil wonder if this will arrive ?