Monday, 24 November 2008

I lost Bryan to Elkie Brooks on Saturday night...

I lost Bryan for an hour and a half on Saturday night.
Our theatre trip to the Grand Theatre in Lancaster to see Elkie Brooks had him sat in awe at her singing prowess.
For a man who wasn't really interested in coming with me in the beginning, he came home singing Elkie's praises.
What a super night we had.
Elkie is 63 years old but has the figure and looks of a forty year old. Three years on from collecting her bus pass, she can still belt out rock, jazz and blues.
Her fine tuned voice is played like a musical intstrument. Inhaling then caressing each note over that fine instrument of her vocal chords. I liken her ability to the brilliant playing of the saxophonist Courney Pine as to how she used her voice and breathed the sounds out with feeling, sensitivity, expertise and finesse. She held a note at the end of one of her songs for a good thirty seconds or more and still went up a range with the same breath to soar into the 'Gods' to finish it with a flourish. It was magical!
I didn't want the night to end.
She no longer does back to back tours and now chooses to do only so many gigs to suit her loyal fans so that she can give the best of her talent at each performance. That was so obvious on Saturday night.
She sang 'Pearls a Singer' Lilac Wine amongs all her well known songs and each time the audience clapped her in the introduction and stood up when she had finished. It was a masterclass and a memorable night out.

The snow which was forecast for us here in the Lakes stayed away until the 'wee sma' hours' of Sunday morning. Thank the Lord!
I was worried about getting caught in a blizzard as it is a thirty mile drive down the motorway to Lancaster from where we live here in the Lakes. I once had to drive for many miles along the motorway from Wolverhampton in a blizzard as the head of a convoy of other road users and it was scary being responsible for so many folks following my tail lights in the white out. I was terrified and crying at the same time. We had our noses pressed up to the windscreen to see where the road was it was so bad. Bryan kept up a mantra of 'keep going..keep going' as we crawled along. I never want to experience that ever again! I put a blanket in the boot and an overnight bag with thermals in it just in case we did get stranded. It was advised that we should take these precautions if we had to go out. Someone was definitely looking after us that night.
Well enough of my blethering.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend.
God Bless. xx


Jan said...

Oh how I envy you that sounded like a wonderful night out ,so pleased she sang all the favourites ,is Bryan back to earth yet ? Jan xx

Joan said...

So glad you had such a great night out and the weather co-operated for once for you. Not familier with Elkie 's work but the next time I here her on the radio which will probably be tomorrow you know how things work you say something and the next day up it pops so tomorrow on the radio Elkie will be on mark my words. Our snow is all gone now. LOve Joan.

Veronica B. EDMD said...

Jeanie, I award you the Marie Antoinette Award!!! This was given to me for writing about "real" everyday life.

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Julie said...

Well Jeanie you scared me when you said you lost Brian , LOL. Glad you had a wonderful time. Don't you just love good music. I am glad you didn't get the snow. Wish we hadn't but it is pretty and already going away

Sal said...

The concert sounded wonderful, and I am so happy you enjoyed it, and that the bad weather stayed away for the duration. Thanks for the wonderful description of the singing. It almost felt like being there :-)
Hugs, Sal xx

Pamela said...

The title of this entry made my heart skip a beat!!! What a relief to find out he's ok. Sheesh!
I'm glad you are both ok and that you both had a great time. Now, I have to recover...
Hugs Pam

Aileen said...

Such a great description...almost like being there. There's nothing like seeing someone you admire in person.
Can I just say, I don't like people to clap at the start of a Song, but know everyone does. (I feel you miss something special)
Just me :>)

Marie said...

Oh, I panicked when I saw the title of your post! Glad to know that Bryan is ok!!! I had to drive home in a snowstorm once that was just awful. They were closing the roads behind us all the way home. We just had to keep going, had we stopped that would have been it, we'd have been stuck for good. Keeping the wheels rolling is something the only way out! Glad you enjoyed the concert! (and that Bryan's ok!)

Yasmin said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert, and it's a pity she doesn't do as much anymore, and Bryan is

Take care


Gerry said...

This sounds like a lovely concert, which is such a treat if the singer really appeals to you as this one seemed to. As well as to Bryan! I wished I was there along with you. As usual enjoyed your photos of the English country side. All seems so green, I suppose it is the rain. We are so dry here. Gerry