Thursday, 27 November 2008

Just a few photographs taken in the summer hols

One day .. hopefully soon, I shall master this posting of photos onto my Blog. It just takes forever and I then run out of time to write. Is it me? Or is there anybody out there who finds it takes for ever to make a post?
Oh well! C'est la vie!
I wanted to share a few photos of the 'Summer Monsoon' we experienced here in the Lakes.
Quite a lot of the summer was taken up by having all my family here at various times or my going to see them. More of that another time. (If you have the patience). Lol!
I was away from journalling for so long that there are a lot of photos and reflections about those times for me to still make a note of here on my journal.
In one of the photos above, my grandson Ryan is cocking a snook at the rain and is stood by Bryan's Koi pond acting daft and singing in the rain. It was a funny of those you must keep for posterity and show again when they are older.
The others are of a miniature Lakeland village built by a man in his own back garden as a means of making money to help rear his family which began as a hobby. He is unable to work more than two hours a day, some days he can't, because of having M.E.
He has suffered from it for years and this is his way of occupying himself when he has more energy to spare. I reckon he shows up a lot of we abled bodies, me definitely included at the top of that list.
We enjoyed our visit and were enthralled by his exact replication of well known houses and buildings, here in the Lakes, and elsewhere in places such as Cornwall.
Just a little peep for you to admire his talent. I have lots more but it takes so long to upload on here compared to AOL's Albums.
Oh well! We can't go back there now.
To those of you across the pond.. Do have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Much love
Jeanie xxx

Marie Antoinette

I was delighted to receive the above award from Veronica over at ...
She amongst others kept me in their thoughts whilst I was away from my blog and I cannot thank her enough, or them, for keeping the 'faith'.

You will have to copy and paste the link to go visit her super sites.
Below is my list of names of journallers whose Blogs I follow and whom I pass this award onto to enjoy.

I award you the Marie Antoinette Award!!!

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I get a lot of pleasure visiting these blogs amongs many others so much so that I sometimes run out of time to enter in my own blog. Lol!
I had a go at entering all this yesterday but I faffed about so much trying to put in the html I ran out of time.
I can't wait until I know how to add everything easily!

Meanwhile..go visit these Blogs..they deserve a heads up for all that they do.

Jeanie xx

Monday, 24 November 2008

I lost Bryan to Elkie Brooks on Saturday night...

I lost Bryan for an hour and a half on Saturday night.
Our theatre trip to the Grand Theatre in Lancaster to see Elkie Brooks had him sat in awe at her singing prowess.
For a man who wasn't really interested in coming with me in the beginning, he came home singing Elkie's praises.
What a super night we had.
Elkie is 63 years old but has the figure and looks of a forty year old. Three years on from collecting her bus pass, she can still belt out rock, jazz and blues.
Her fine tuned voice is played like a musical intstrument. Inhaling then caressing each note over that fine instrument of her vocal chords. I liken her ability to the brilliant playing of the saxophonist Courney Pine as to how she used her voice and breathed the sounds out with feeling, sensitivity, expertise and finesse. She held a note at the end of one of her songs for a good thirty seconds or more and still went up a range with the same breath to soar into the 'Gods' to finish it with a flourish. It was magical!
I didn't want the night to end.
She no longer does back to back tours and now chooses to do only so many gigs to suit her loyal fans so that she can give the best of her talent at each performance. That was so obvious on Saturday night.
She sang 'Pearls a Singer' Lilac Wine amongs all her well known songs and each time the audience clapped her in the introduction and stood up when she had finished. It was a masterclass and a memorable night out.

The snow which was forecast for us here in the Lakes stayed away until the 'wee sma' hours' of Sunday morning. Thank the Lord!
I was worried about getting caught in a blizzard as it is a thirty mile drive down the motorway to Lancaster from where we live here in the Lakes. I once had to drive for many miles along the motorway from Wolverhampton in a blizzard as the head of a convoy of other road users and it was scary being responsible for so many folks following my tail lights in the white out. I was terrified and crying at the same time. We had our noses pressed up to the windscreen to see where the road was it was so bad. Bryan kept up a mantra of 'keep going..keep going' as we crawled along. I never want to experience that ever again! I put a blanket in the boot and an overnight bag with thermals in it just in case we did get stranded. It was advised that we should take these precautions if we had to go out. Someone was definitely looking after us that night.
Well enough of my blethering.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend.
God Bless. xx

Friday, 21 November 2008

Theatre visit to see Elkie Brooks on Saturday

Well..I had written another entry yesterday,prior to this one, but my wireless signal fizzled out and I lost it. It is so frustrating to loose something which you have created because it is so full of that mood of the moment of creation. To try to recall it ad verbatim is almost impossible. Besides.. I had been sat reading journals for what seemed hours and was as stiff as a board. So I gave up in a huff! Huh!
I had hoped to mention that my friend is showing some progress in her health since coming home from hospital as the week has gone by. She is much more positive now and happier. Thank goodness!
As for Ron, my elderly neighbour? I took him shopping, where instead of me tagging along with him, I let him off the leash for an hour and a half to do his own thing. It was very difficult to make that decision as I did worry how he would tootle about on his swollen legs and feet. He managed it no bother and was full of what he had been up to when we met up for lunch.
A sly satisfied smile spread across his face when he said he had walked to the mobility wheelchair shop (at the other end of town) and reconnoitred a nice little red buggy which he has his eye on for when he becomes less mobile. I made a little smiling moue in return as I realised he had gained a bit more independence, even though he misses not having his car. At least he has his own two feet. Bless him!
He came home inspired about setting off to Kendal by bus at a future date and returning on his own instead of relying on me. Hmmm....I think I might follow him at a distance. Lol!

Bryan and I are off to see Elkie Brooks at the Lancaster Grand Theatre tomorrow night. I hope she sings my favourite...Pearls a Singer. Does anyone remember her?

I shall try and imbed a UTube video of her here for you to see and listen to her. I just love her voice.
The show is a sell out so I am glad we booked two tickets a few of weeks ago.

That was just after we had a lovely evening out to Barrow-in-Furness at the Forum Theatre to see the Musical Story of Eva Cassidy's Life. Another one of my favourite singers.
Well folks..If I am not careful, I might get back to entering into my journal daily at this rate. hahaha!
What have you all done to deserve that!

Hope the video embeds and that you get to enjoy it.
Toodle pip for now.
Jeanie xxx

Monday, 17 November 2008


The above photo is of my grandaughter Amy Grace.
Who could resist smiling back at her little face?
She is such a little smiler! And beautiful too. (Grandma's are allowed to say that). Lol!
My apologies for not being around much and for not finding time to visit your new journals.
I hope to make up for that soon.
I was hoping to make a longer entry today but a dear friend has just had a hysterectomy and came out of hospital on Saturday so I have been dashing around buying some flowers then I took some time out to go and visit with her for a chat. She is so weak still but having been through that myself I can empathise with her and gee her up a wee bit.
Tomorrow is looking a bit awkward too for making a decent entry as I am taking Ron my elderly neighbour through to Kendal, our market town ten miles away, to do a bit of shopping. We have promised to have a bit of lunch together there too. He has been a bit stir crazy over the weekend as I normally visit him daily.
I had Samantha my daughter for the weekend along with Ryan and Hollie, my grandchildren, so didn't find the time to pop in. At least I managed a visit today.
Samantha and I had a night out at our local theatre 'The Old Laundry' here in the village, where we enjoyed listening to three seperate monologues written by the author Alan Bennett. What a brilliant writer he is. There are so many layers of meaning to his works. He is such a gifted writer.
We thoroughly enjoyed it. The more so as Samantha had studied his works for her English class when at college.
This is just a short visit but I am going to try and get into the flow of writing daily again so that we can all keep up to date.
Meanwhile...this one's for you Julie.
Jeanie xxx