Monday, 15 June 2009

Keeping in touch..

Hello again..

It's been quite some time since my last entry and quite a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then too.
Some of Bryan's fish in the pond, whose photos I placed in the previous entry, have died. They were about thirty years old too.
At first we thought the three new fish we bought recently had brought in a disease, but it turned out that the conditions in the filters were critical, resulting in too much amonia in the pond water. As a consequence of that, three of our oldest fish died and there could be another to follow. The white one, see photo in previous entry, is very lethargic, even though we have done two 50% water changes and added medicines etc to change the Ph back to normal.
Fingers crossed that the new filter booster kicks in soon so that all systems for optimum conditions are back to normal again.
I have, hopefully, placed a photo of a little blackbird chick, the last one to leave the nest in my neighbours clematis, somewhere in the pictures below. I left my specs upstairs and couldn't be bothered to dash up for them as my computer is so contrary these days. I never know if it is going to 'hang' or freeze on me. so I have just dived into my album and hope that the ones chosen are the correct ones.
We also had a couple of male ducks inspecting the pond for habitation but Bryan sent them packing with a wave of a! That's all we need at the moment. hahahaha!
When I find their photos I will pop them on too.

My laptop has definitely 'died the death' and now I am 'holding on by my whiskers' to this old one I have here in the cellar bedroom.
Sorry not to have been around much. It has been a frustrating time waiting for my laptop to 'light up' as I call it. The last time it let me on line it took four hours to remember what to do. It's a gonner now so...I need to save my pennies for a new one.
This one keeps telling me that there is no virtual memory...whatever that is??? It could be imitating me possibly???? lol!
The writing is obviously on the wall for this one too.
Our recent weather has been fabulous but this afternoon brought rain with thunder and lightning. Very dramatic dark grey rainclouds with flashes of lightning forking towards the ground. I felt snug and safe indoors watching it through the lounge window.
Well...I don't want to push my luck too far by taking my time on line as I want to post this before my computer decides to freeze again.

Before I go I would like to say thank you to Sal for the lovely music which she placed on here for me.
Thank you my lovely friend. xx

If I am not around will know why.
For now..God bless and stay well and happy.
Jeanie xx

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Spring photos and Koi Carp


The sun is shining brightly
The trees are clothed in green
The beautiful flowers of springtime
On every side are seen............

Spring! Isn't it the most beautiful time of the year after such a long driech winter?
My garden is bursting its little heart showing off all its blossoms and flowers.
There are just my poppies to open up and then it will be complete!
In Julia's journal she mentioned seering the bottom of the stems of poppies to make them last a week. I shall be trying that one out soon. Hope it works as I just need to captivate them for a little longer than a day or so.

We took a run out to a place called Singleton, about five miles from Blackpool, to buy some baby fish for Bryan's pond.
I hope to be able to place some photos of them on here. The sky was grey today when I took them so the light isn't as good as it could be but you can get a glimpse of them.
These 'littlies' have fair cheered our jumbo Koi up. They are swimming around and playing catch up with them as well as competing for their food too. The jumbos had become quite complacent and presumed the food would be there at their leisure. Not with these hungry little shiny critters.
It's great to see their appetites reviving after their long winter fast.
I hope you enjoy the photos.

PS. I forgot to draw your attention to the deer in the gap in the woodland on a couple photos.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

It's been a while...

I can't believe my last entry was all about Christmas and the New Year celebrations! Sheesh!
Already Easter has come and gone and here I am only just getting my act in gear.
I needed the break from my journal as it was becoming less of a pleasure, because of Blogger's different ways and missing AOL, that it was easier not to post in the end. I didn't think I would miss AOL but I own up...I did. There was also the downside from the side effects from the pill which I take to keep my breast cancer from reappearing. It gave me mood swings, amongst other things, so I have had to ride the crest of those and slide down the troughs whilst hanging onto my britches. Lol!
Anyway..I know it's been a while but I have been hopping into your journals even though I have not taken the time to post here.

Spring is definitely here although our weather is very changable. I can't complain. When I woke up on my birthday, which was last Monday, the sky was sheer blue with not a cloud to spoil its purity. As soon as I opened my curtains I thanked God for it. A big smile sat on my face all day. We had had rain for almost a week prior to then.
I want to thank my friends for my lovely birthday cards, flowers and plants which kept coming all day long. You know who you are so catch a cuddly duddly from me to you.
I have some birthday pictures but can't find the adaptor which helps me to download them onto the computer. When I do I will pop them on here for posterity.
Meanwhile the ones above of my grandchildren were take on a walk up to High Dam at Easter time. This is a small tarn up in the fells behind Lake Windermere. It's so peacefull there.

Anyway..I have broken my long spell away and hope to keep up to date a bit more regularly from now on.

Carpe Diem!

Jeanie xx