Friday, 10 December 2010

Bloggers Community Photo Challenge Entry

Read these directions below from the CommunityPhoto Challenge Organisers

This month's photo challenge is LIGHTS! We have beautiful holiday lights all around us. You can venture out and capture city lights or even towns lit up at night. You can use anything, it's not just holiday lights.
The Challenge starts today, and ends on Dec. 23, 2010. You have 2 weeks to post.
Remember you have to post your image on your blog, come back here and click on blue button on the bottom of this post. SELECT your image, NOT your profile image, the image you are submitting for the challenge. Follow the EASY directions.
Voting will start on Dec. 23th(only one week to vote)

Try to link to this challenge on your blog post.
Have fun!

The first one is my entry although I found it difficult to choose one from the five.
I took these at the beginnng of our snowfall.
The Lion is almost indistiguishable but I reckon he looks quite snug in his white blanket.
What do you think?
Good luck to all the competitors. Why not try entering it yourself?
All the best!
I'm looking forward to having a look at the other entries.
Take care!

The Lion In Winter
This is my entry.

This Lion looks like it is trying to garner heat from the lamp.

A snowy mantle.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Some snowy photos in December

The pond wearing a mantle of snow and lit by a watery sun low in the sky.

From my bedroom window out over the rooftops to the fell tops beyond.

Outside my bedroom window.

Blue skies and snow.

The view from my bed.

The woodland behind the garden.

How can anyone be allowed to feel poorly when confined to bed with a sore throat, a burst eardrum from a silly infection, and a cough; when there are views like these to 'die' for.  I used that word on purpose.  lol
Here I am ..holed up away from the freezing temperatures, when all I would love to do is be out there enjoying the scenery and the warmth in the sunlight.
It is bitterly cold in the shade, which I experienced yesterday when I walked to and from our surgery to get some antibiotics for myself.  I don't like taking my car out as I live at the top of a hill.  A neighbour said not to worry, if you think you are going to slide out onto the main road on the ice without stopping at the bottom of the hill, just put the car into reverse and that should stop the car.
No fear!   I don't thinkI would want to put myself into that situation!
Though...I wonder if it works?

I thought I was being well organised by baking my Christmas cakes, mincemeat pies and Christmas puddings in advance prior to Christmas shopping.  Now I am holed up here because of the snow and my 'bug'. That'll teach me to try and get ahead of myself.  Life, and its happenings' is a great leveller.  lol
Hope anyone who pops by enjoys the photos. I'm going to enjoy an nice cup of tea which Bryan brought for me in bed.  I will get him trained up perfectly  before long.   hahaha!

Stay safe and well everyone.

God bless!

Jeanie x