Friday, 10 December 2010

Bloggers Community Photo Challenge Entry

Read these directions below from the CommunityPhoto Challenge Organisers

This month's photo challenge is LIGHTS! We have beautiful holiday lights all around us. You can venture out and capture city lights or even towns lit up at night. You can use anything, it's not just holiday lights.
The Challenge starts today, and ends on Dec. 23, 2010. You have 2 weeks to post.
Remember you have to post your image on your blog, come back here and click on blue button on the bottom of this post. SELECT your image, NOT your profile image, the image you are submitting for the challenge. Follow the EASY directions.
Voting will start on Dec. 23th(only one week to vote)

Try to link to this challenge on your blog post.
Have fun!

The first one is my entry although I found it difficult to choose one from the five.
I took these at the beginnng of our snowfall.
The Lion is almost indistiguishable but I reckon he looks quite snug in his white blanket.
What do you think?
Good luck to all the competitors. Why not try entering it yourself?
All the best!
I'm looking forward to having a look at the other entries.
Take care!

The Lion In Winter
This is my entry.

This Lion looks like it is trying to garner heat from the lamp.

A snowy mantle.



nancy said...

Cool lamppost. That is a good idea for the challenge. Have a nice weekend.

Lisa said...

The lion does look as though he is seeking warmth. What a great shot, your mind was working when you captured this. He could be an old lion with a white mane. Well done!!!

Aileen said...

Hello! Jeannie

I commented a few minutes after you posted, but realise it didn't save.
I liked your choice of the first picture!

Thanks for coming over to mine, and your lovely comment.
*Because of the thaw, we managed to visit my Son's grave today..11th
Hope you are soon up and around again.Take care
My Hospital rounds start on Tuesday:>(

Much love

MariesImages said...

Lovely entry Jeanie...nice composition.

gina said...

i love the lamp's glow shimmering softly on the snow. very effective! :)

Rjet33 said...

I agree with Marie. Very nice composition. Enjoyed your entry!
Happy New Year!~


Maria said...

Saw your photo on the challenge. This is so cool, especially the closeup on your site which shows the lion looking so intently at the light. I'm a Leo so I'm always interested in lions. Nice.

Jeanie said...

My thanks to you all for coming by to visit. I love reading your comments.
Jeanie xxxx

Eli said...

Beautiful photos. I just don't think I have a chance at finding such an ideal scene living in a place where there's no snow. I'll have to keep my eyes open...