Wednesday, 23 March 2011



Just testing out Windows Live Writer on my Blog.

It’s a beautiful Spring day here in the Lakes.



The hotel bedroom where we stayed this last weekend.


Ornate ceiling and friezes around the room.




A comfortable room but a bit spooky!

Something woke me up the second night shaking my right arm.  It didn’t upset me and I went back to sleep.  I was again woken up by what felt like a cold hand stroking the back of my hand. It felt calming and not a bit scary so I returned to sleep.  Weird or what?

I am pretty much sold on this Live Windows Writer.  It is working a bit like AOL did when we were al on there.

This is just a test page and will/should disappear after I have viewed it. 

Jeanie  xx


Jan said...

I am impessed with this entry ,both the content and how you did it! now Im curious ,must sum up the courage to try live writer myself ,how funny you had a visitor in the night ,where abouts was this hotel Jan xx

michele said...

HI jeanie thanks for your comment :) How strange! looks like a lovely room. I haven't tried Live writer might take a look when I get a spare minute. Hope your week is going well hugs Mrs T xx

nancy said...

Glad your daffodiles are up.. We had a few weeks of dry weather and feeling like spring and woke up and found snow on the groun.. UGH! So ready for spring. Love the hotel ceiling. I love window live writer. I got to get back in here myself. SO take care.

Julie said...

I just love that bed. I would not like the hand in the night though, gives me chills.

natalie said...

Dear Jeannie,
ha! It was a spirit! You reacted wiht much more aplomb and raw courage than I would or most! way to go! whata beautiful environment there!