Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Another entry from Jeanie.. at long last!

Well as you can see by the photo I AM STILL ALIVE!   LOL
I have been visiting Blogs but not found the time or the inclination recently to add to my Blog.  Writers block I suppose.  I know some of you have experienced the same over the years we have known each other.

Recently we had a little tootle 'around the block' the other day, where to our surprise, the chickens and geese have been moved from alogside the tarn!  Instead of seeing them all, and their coops, there are now some raised beds where, we presume, the tenants are going to grow vegetables in the near future.  I  always looked forward to approaching the gate to the tarn when out on our walk. The hens and cockerel always rushed to greet us, expecting food I suppose.  We never ever fed them, but presume others may have done so from their 'road runner' actions towards us.
Below is a photo of the tarn where sheep are now grazing.  There are a few coots and ducks using it, but not as many as there has been in the past.  I miss our little feathered friends.  They wore such variable plumage giving each one its own unique character. Although and old photograph, this is how it now looks. Sheep quietly grazing.  It is still a beautiful view but  sheep never ever rush up to greet anyone.  lol

Autumn Walk aroound the Tarn 032

I took delivery of a piano tuition book and a Yamaha keyboard stand this morning. 
I intend to have a wee go at learning how to play the piano.  My grandson Ben, who is nine, already brings tears to my eyes when I listen to him play his piano for me over the phone.  He is learning so fast!
They will be arriving this Sunday and staying until Wednesday as it is half term.  Samantha will be arriving on Wednesday, before they all leave, and will stay until the Friday or the Saturday. So, next week will be a busy family orientated week.  I am looking forward to spending lots of time with them all.  Lots of home baking will be on the cards from now until then.  Especially Ben's favourite, chocolate caramel shortbread.  Or 'Millionaires' shortbread, which is its other name.
I might just make some fudge too, as Rachel and Samantha love fudge.
Bryan has been spending the past few weeks in the attic re-arranging the train track, building more models and adding more scenery too.  It is all being done lovingly, so they have a nice surprise when they get here.  Matthew and Ben just love granddad's train track.  It is the highlight of their visit.
We also hope to pay a visit to our 'local zoo whilst they are here. (About 16 miles away).  One of the Sumatran Tigers has given birth to a cub, without the keepers even knowing she was pregnant.  If we go I will try and take photos of the little 'surprise' cub and place them on here.

                         I must away and have a wee practice at the piano keyboard.

This is Rachel, my lovely DIL, Amy Grace, Matthew and Ben, dining out on Ben's birthday.

love to all
Jeanie  xx

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sharing a brilliant video with you all

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