Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Some snowy photos in December

The pond wearing a mantle of snow and lit by a watery sun low in the sky.

From my bedroom window out over the rooftops to the fell tops beyond.

Outside my bedroom window.

Blue skies and snow.

The view from my bed.

The woodland behind the garden.

How can anyone be allowed to feel poorly when confined to bed with a sore throat, a burst eardrum from a silly infection, and a cough; when there are views like these to 'die' for.  I used that word on purpose.  lol
Here I am ..holed up away from the freezing temperatures, when all I would love to do is be out there enjoying the scenery and the warmth in the sunlight.
It is bitterly cold in the shade, which I experienced yesterday when I walked to and from our surgery to get some antibiotics for myself.  I don't like taking my car out as I live at the top of a hill.  A neighbour said not to worry, if you think you are going to slide out onto the main road on the ice without stopping at the bottom of the hill, just put the car into reverse and that should stop the car.
No fear!   I don't thinkI would want to put myself into that situation!
Though...I wonder if it works?

I thought I was being well organised by baking my Christmas cakes, mincemeat pies and Christmas puddings in advance prior to Christmas shopping.  Now I am holed up here because of the snow and my 'bug'. That'll teach me to try and get ahead of myself.  Life, and its happenings' is a great leveller.  lol
Hope anyone who pops by enjoys the photos. I'm going to enjoy an nice cup of tea which Bryan brought for me in bed.  I will get him trained up perfectly  before long.   hahaha!

Stay safe and well everyone.

God bless!

Jeanie x


Marie said...

Sounds like you have what I had last month Jeannie! Not fun! I hope you feel better soon. Love the beautiful scenery. We only got a little bit of snow and it's all gone now except for the frost! It sure is cold though! xxoo

Veronica B. said...

what a beautiful area.... I think I am going to miss snow... well... maybe just a little.... hope you're feeling better...!

Aileen said...

Was thinking of you only recently...sorry to hear of your health problems,and hope the antibiotics work for you.I had laser surgery for the 'cancer in situ' but now going for further 'investigations'...I may update later today.
*Been 'snowed in since 30th Nov :>(

Much love, and get well soon

Jan said...

Dear Jeanne,I hope your antibiotics are kicking in now and you are feeling much better ,I love your snow pictures but actually like the view of your Laptop best ,I am fed up with the snow now ,nothing to do with my attention span either ,we've had it long enough ,snow,you can now go back onto the Christmas cards and ski resorts Jan xx

Sybil said...

Oh poor you Jeanie...we can so without feeling low at this time of the year. I know I am feeling a bit blue as I have my third cold, cough, etc. in about a couple of months and just wish it woudl go for the snow...well although we have not had much at all just a dusting really it was enough to have us marooned for a week but been able to get out since last Frid. Thank goodness as Mary was going stir crazy..
It is going down to -7 tonight..Thank goodness for lovley warm homes. God bless them who are homeless on nights like these.
Yestedray was a beautiful day as there was a very very thick hoar frost over everything. I have never ever seen so beautful a scene it was quite breathtaking but unfortunately a grey day so not so good for photo's
much Love Syb xxx

Gerry said...

I must say your snowfall is very respectable in these photos. I am afraid I would not try the neighbor's advice on how to stop your car at the bottom of the hill either. You are safer to stay in with a ruptured eardrum. Ouch! Well, at least you got to visit and blog. Otherwise you would have been out shopping! Cheerio! And a happy Xmas once you get on the mend.
I surely appreciated your remarks on my blog.