Monday, 15 June 2009

Keeping in touch..

Hello again..

It's been quite some time since my last entry and quite a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then too.
Some of Bryan's fish in the pond, whose photos I placed in the previous entry, have died. They were about thirty years old too.
At first we thought the three new fish we bought recently had brought in a disease, but it turned out that the conditions in the filters were critical, resulting in too much amonia in the pond water. As a consequence of that, three of our oldest fish died and there could be another to follow. The white one, see photo in previous entry, is very lethargic, even though we have done two 50% water changes and added medicines etc to change the Ph back to normal.
Fingers crossed that the new filter booster kicks in soon so that all systems for optimum conditions are back to normal again.
I have, hopefully, placed a photo of a little blackbird chick, the last one to leave the nest in my neighbours clematis, somewhere in the pictures below. I left my specs upstairs and couldn't be bothered to dash up for them as my computer is so contrary these days. I never know if it is going to 'hang' or freeze on me. so I have just dived into my album and hope that the ones chosen are the correct ones.
We also had a couple of male ducks inspecting the pond for habitation but Bryan sent them packing with a wave of a! That's all we need at the moment. hahahaha!
When I find their photos I will pop them on too.

My laptop has definitely 'died the death' and now I am 'holding on by my whiskers' to this old one I have here in the cellar bedroom.
Sorry not to have been around much. It has been a frustrating time waiting for my laptop to 'light up' as I call it. The last time it let me on line it took four hours to remember what to do. It's a gonner now so...I need to save my pennies for a new one.
This one keeps telling me that there is no virtual memory...whatever that is??? It could be imitating me possibly???? lol!
The writing is obviously on the wall for this one too.
Our recent weather has been fabulous but this afternoon brought rain with thunder and lightning. Very dramatic dark grey rainclouds with flashes of lightning forking towards the ground. I felt snug and safe indoors watching it through the lounge window.
Well...I don't want to push my luck too far by taking my time on line as I want to post this before my computer decides to freeze again.

Before I go I would like to say thank you to Sal for the lovely music which she placed on here for me.
Thank you my lovely friend. xx

If I am not around will know why.
For now..God bless and stay well and happy.
Jeanie xx


Julie said...

My virtual memory was always low also until I got the external hard drive. Too many pictures I guess, LOL. That thing has saved me a ton of space and money. Love the photo's, sorry about the fish. 30 years, I didn't realize they lived that long.

Kath said...

Julie is correct in saying too many graphics on your pooter or laptop Jeannie.Put some onto discs if you know how or clear some out.It will boost your memory.It's good to be back reading you once again.I too have been away from th epooter as you well know for reasons I explained.I am trying alittle catch up now before I go away this Saturday for a week to Northumberland.I hope you are well.Sorry to read about the fish Awwww.I used to have apond and they are such hard work at times.The picture and colours you have in your garden are fantastic.What an haven you live in.Tranquility I bet!!!.I could sit there forever and a day LOL!!.Look after yourself until my return and thankyou for your kind words always in your comments to me.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Jan said...

Hi again Jeanne ,lovely to hear from you ,gosh 30 year old fish ,I didnt realise they live that long ,you must have been treating them well ,Im pleased you mentioned the virtual memory ,mine says that too ,I must see how to put some of my pictures onto disc ,Your music is beautiful Jan xx

Marie said...

So nice to see an entry from you Jeanie. Lovely pictures. I am sorry to hear about your fish. Very sad. Cute picture of the baby blackbird though. WE have had a few fledgling Tits at our feeder this past week. So fun to watch!

Joan said...

Nice to see you looking so well. Sorry you lost your fish ist is sad when you have had something so long. Hope you old PC stay working till you get a new laptop, Love Joan

Jeanie said...

Thanks for the comments about the virtual memory problem ladies. I have an external hardrive and shall save as much as possible onto that.
I do had tons of graphics on both computers. I suppose i'ts because digital cameras allow you to take rubbish photos too. I hate deleting anything! lol!
Jeanie xx

Sybil said...

what a lovely photo that is of you Jeanie...and of course the others !! What a shame about the fish...I do hope you have no more casualties...give Brian my love x

Bea said...

Hi Jeanie! I am sorry about your fish... we had a lovely pond for more than 15 years, and over those years we kept koi, even had a white one like yours. Our fish started dying, and my husband learned about a light filter. Some kind of black light that killed off the bacteria or algae. He understood how it worked, and installed it. Our fish did better after that. But I think the reason we started having problems again might have been because we had too many fish, and there wasn't enough oxygen in the water. The fish could be seen at the surface, or near the little waterfall gasping for air, that's what it looked like. Especially early in the mornings. They would all line up along the place where the water hit the surface, I suppose where there would be more oxygen, and their little mouths would open and close. Eventually we had to dismantle our pond because a particularly brutal hailstorm damaged the pond liner so badly, the water level dropped and we would have had to buy a new liner. So we donated our fish to a local (larger) pond, and my husband filled the hole in. You probably remember me writing about that when we were in J-land. I still enjoy looking in on other ponds, even to watch carp. They get so big. But koi are my favorite of all, so jewel like as they swim about. Has Bryan heard about the light filter?

CINDY said...

love the pictures. they are beautiful. wanted to stop by and say hi and see how your doing. hope your summer has been a good one so far.


Lisa said...

I think my memory is gone too...LOL, I thought I commented on this entry and realized I hadn't. I think Blogger was tempermental that day and I gave up for the day.

Anyway, I didn't know fish could live so long!! I'm so sorry to hear you lost your elders - after having them so long I'm sure that was a sad time. We don't have a filtration system in our pond, it's too big and I never had things right in my small pond anyway.

The little bird is so cute. I was watching a nest of wrens outside my window - they've grown and are now on their own somewhere but I miss seeing them.

I miss your entries, I hope you can find time to do another...with photos please!!

Anonymous said...
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ADB said...

Hi Jeanie,

Hope you are keeping well with all the flooding this week. If you can, let us know how you are.


Julie said...

Happy Happy New year and I hope your doing great.