Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Spring photos and Koi Carp


The sun is shining brightly
The trees are clothed in green
The beautiful flowers of springtime
On every side are seen............

Spring! Isn't it the most beautiful time of the year after such a long driech winter?
My garden is bursting its little heart showing off all its blossoms and flowers.
There are just my poppies to open up and then it will be complete!
In Julia's journal she mentioned seering the bottom of the stems of poppies to make them last a week. I shall be trying that one out soon. Hope it works as I just need to captivate them for a little longer than a day or so.

We took a run out to a place called Singleton, about five miles from Blackpool, to buy some baby fish for Bryan's pond.
I hope to be able to place some photos of them on here. The sky was grey today when I took them so the light isn't as good as it could be but you can get a glimpse of them.
These 'littlies' have fair cheered our jumbo Koi up. They are swimming around and playing catch up with them as well as competing for their food too. The jumbos had become quite complacent and presumed the food would be there at their leisure. Not with these hungry little shiny critters.
It's great to see their appetites reviving after their long winter fast.
I hope you enjoy the photos.

PS. I forgot to draw your attention to the deer in the gap in the woodland on a couple photos.


Jan said...

Oh Yes I see the deer! I can also see a couple more little dears having a lovely cuddle with their Gran ,The garden really is a credit to you both it looks beautiful ,and the fish ...how lovely ,..love Jan xx

Julie said...

Your garden is just bursting with color and so lovely as usual. I hope that works with the poppies. I got that tip from a master gardener so hope she knows what she is talking about, LOL. She also says to hammer woody flowers like lilac's before putting in water and they will last longer.

Your grandbabies are as cute as ever.

Joan said...

Wonderful Rhodies what else can I say. Love Joan

Sybil said...

Oh Jeanie, The garden is looking gorgious. wish I coudl see it in real life at this time of year...and what lovely new fish...Bet Bryan will be sitting out there watching them at all hours !! I hadn't heard that about the poppies either so will keep it in mind.
Also love the photo of you an dthe munchkins ! you are looking good.
Much love to ALL
Syil xx

Aileen said...

Hi! Jeanie
Your Garden is looking great,my Poppies are in Bud also, we go away on the 30th, and everything seems to be at its best that week :>(
Like you I'm not around so much, PC probs and health issues. you are looking so well by the way!

Sal said...

Your garden looks amazing, and so do you Jeanie!

Cathy said...

O Jeanie these are beautiful shots, I saw the deer but only after you mentioned it lol. What a riot of color!

Lisa said...

I do see the deer, lovely! Your colors are gorgeous and blend so well together. The fish pics are wonderful. Our water isn't clear enough to get such good pictures. Enjoy your lovely garden, seems summer is flying by in a flash and soon we'll be photographing snow. :(

Anonymous said...