Friday, 26 February 2010

At last!....I'm back again.... I am making an entry at last!  I for one will be pleased to see the previous entry relegated to a lower page. Each time I came in to make an entry I looked at it and my mind went blank.  Now that's not like me at all. is easy to get out of the habit of journalling when there are other commitments and happenings

I recently had 'The Munchkins' to stay for a week over half term. My having had to have my two large toenails removed prior to their visit hampered my going out for walks with them. I managed to take them to the pictures twice. Once to see the Princess and the Frog and the other visit was to see Astro Boy.
The sound speakers are deafening in the cinema! I sat bolt upright when it came on..I was hoping to have forty winks on the back row as the children had me up at the crack of dawn and 'on the go' all day keeping them happy, fed and occupied. 
We drew and coloured and Karaokied, baked cakes, cooked meals and read as the time flew by.  Before I knew it I had my sad face on saying cheerio to them.
As for my toes I had to go onto double dozes of Flucloxacillin and penicillin at the same time for my left one as it was tracking up my foot.   It was probably because I didn't keep my feet up for long enough.  I will never learn!  I think I know it all.  lol
They are now on the mend.
Like most of you we have had lots of snow and now rain...thank the Lord for the rain!
We are now lookng out onto green grass and it is wonderful!
Scotland is suffering from severe blizzards as I write and I feel for them as I was kept indoors before and through Christmas for almost three weeks by the snow.  I was so stir crazy!

As for this journal entry I see there is a newer format for making entries so I hope I have managed to place the photos of Bryan and Samantha on their way up Catbells near Keswick here in the English Lakes. I think Guido once mentioned he walked all the way around the lake, Derwentwater, which you can see below them, when he visited there once upon a time.

I wasn't able to walk this high up onto the fells but I was so proud that Bryan, Samantha and 'The Munchkins' did.  They had a brilliant sunny day for it which is what I wish for us all soon!

I guess we are all starved of sunlight and warm zephyrs.
I can't wait to see if the photos I hoped to place on here have actually done so. So for now...stay safe and warm and... HURRY UP SPRING!
 Jeanie xx


Jan said...

Lovely to see a post from you and your pictures are great, all where they should be ,clever girl ,so sorry to hear about your poor toes Ouch ,Yes Hurry up Spring we are all heartily sick of winter now Jan xx

Aileen said...

Dear Jeannie

Nice to hear from you,I meant to get back to you, and ask how you were(Toes) but when you said 'The Munchinks' were arriving, just guessed you were 'busy'.
I'm 'healing' nicely, but a shock to the system at first.
Didn't know about the new format, probably that's why mine were all over the place?

Julie said...

Oh it is lovely to see a post from you and to see the photos of your family, the kids are getting so big. Your poor toes,ouch. I am glad they are getting better.

nancy said...

What a beautiful country side. The children looks like they're having fun. Love the last two.Thanks for stopping by and yes indeed let spring be.Not too soon. Have a great weekend. Nancy♥

Gerry said...

I just happened to notice on my dashboard that you had posted for the first time in months. I was concerned when I read you had had to have your toenails removed only I first read it as tonsils (I guess I was thinking tonsils as Nurse Pam had to have a tonsilectomy) and was more worried, but it sounds bad enough. I am glad you are finally on the mend. My granddaughter just had to have ingrown toenails fixed on 4 toes! You sound like you have as much fun with your young grandchildren as my sister Ann. I hope that you will be able to post a little more regularly. Enjoyed the photos. I saw the big header of what 'in the Lakes' means down to Doc's. Doesn't show on mine. The Lake is so blue blue.

Andy said...

Its nice to see the first signs of spring even though they are a little damp!