Sunday, 28 February 2010

Reflective look back to last year..

L/R Ben Matthew Ryan Amy Grace and Hollie

All my little 'Munchkins ' together at the New Year.

My thanks to Sal for helping me to put 'The Secret Garden ' music back here on my Blog.
She is such a great friend and always there to help me out of my 'pickles'.
Thank you Sal

I was sitting here at my kitchen table this morning,, which looks out onto the garden and woodlands when I saw two brilliantly coloured cock pheasants.  They stood out in their burnished  plumage compared to the green of the mosses and grass. I dashed to get my camera've guessed it...the batteries were low.
Another morning perhaps.  The deer are easily seen at the moment and are browsing quite close in search of food.  This winter has been a hellish one for them and yet...they still live.  Amazing!
The photos I have included here are from last year.  It was a busy one for having family,going on outings, so there are more to come for me to place on here as a record.
Some of you might know that both my computers went on the blink. It was only come the New Year when my son Martin, who is a technical manager in computers, was able to sort me out.  He put new innards into my laptop and built me another computer in place of my larger one downstairs in the cellar room.
Having done this he saved all my documents and photos to disc and now I am slowly coming to terms with how to access them all again.
Hence the montage below.
This was when Ryan and Samantha took to doing some kayaking on the lake.

Once my 'old' toes are healed I am hoping to get out and about again.
Bryan bought himself a treadmill as this winter has been bad for getting out and about because of snow.
He has plans for me to use it too....oh heck!
I might just prolong the bandaging of my toes.  hahahaha
I remember the marathons Pam did on hers in training for working at Disneyland.
I hope you enjoy the lake views on the photos and of course notice how all my little 'Munchkins' have grown.  Amy Grace will be two this year.  Tempus Fugit!
I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Toodle pip for now.

Ryan thinking about jumping into the lake to get him acclimatised prior to Kayaking.  It took his breath away as the lake is only truly warm for about two weeks a year. Samantha took a panic attack it was so cold!
I suppose the thought of falling into water that cold makes them think more carefully whilst meeting offshore winds and the waves from the ferry boats.

We are so lucky to live near all sorts of outdoor pursuits.
Hollie wasn't able to join them as she has yet to learn to swim strongly and loose her fear of the water. 

This is more to Hollie's liking.


Judith HeartSong said...

Be well Jeanie.... I loved all the pictures!

Jan said...

How lovely to have you with us again I enjoyed all your pictures,the munchkins are certainly growing up and Amy Grace ..well where did that time go I bet she is lovely .hope all your little piggies are soon able to go to market and other exciting places , with love Jan xx

Gerry said...

How lucky we are to have sons who can do more on our computers than we can. My grandson got so active one night on my computer he brought it to a complete halt and acquired two viruses. His father had to come and delete and restore some time to get me going again. So now he has been banned, but it took quite a while for him get carried away. His dad took it pretty well saying he would wait until he was online and paying for it then he would go put a bunch of stuff on his. I am down to Doc's and enjoyed the new header of the blue blue lake. When it doesn't appear on my computer is when the title is included. If the title is left off I can see it. Note mine. I hope you will continue to post as I have missed your kindly spirit and comments. And hearing about you and your loved ones.

Julie said...

I am so glad your computers are up and running again. I can't believe how big the Munchkins are getting. Time just flies. Glad the toes are mending.