Monday, 17 November 2008


The above photo is of my grandaughter Amy Grace.
Who could resist smiling back at her little face?
She is such a little smiler! And beautiful too. (Grandma's are allowed to say that). Lol!
My apologies for not being around much and for not finding time to visit your new journals.
I hope to make up for that soon.
I was hoping to make a longer entry today but a dear friend has just had a hysterectomy and came out of hospital on Saturday so I have been dashing around buying some flowers then I took some time out to go and visit with her for a chat. She is so weak still but having been through that myself I can empathise with her and gee her up a wee bit.
Tomorrow is looking a bit awkward too for making a decent entry as I am taking Ron my elderly neighbour through to Kendal, our market town ten miles away, to do a bit of shopping. We have promised to have a bit of lunch together there too. He has been a bit stir crazy over the weekend as I normally visit him daily.
I had Samantha my daughter for the weekend along with Ryan and Hollie, my grandchildren, so didn't find the time to pop in. At least I managed a visit today.
Samantha and I had a night out at our local theatre 'The Old Laundry' here in the village, where we enjoyed listening to three seperate monologues written by the author Alan Bennett. What a brilliant writer he is. There are so many layers of meaning to his works. He is such a gifted writer.
We thoroughly enjoyed it. The more so as Samantha had studied his works for her English class when at college.
This is just a short visit but I am going to try and get into the flow of writing daily again so that we can all keep up to date.
Meanwhile...this one's for you Julie.
Jeanie xxx


Yasmin said...

Hi Jeanie, nice to see you, you have been busy as I read, glad you had a nice visit with your daughter and grandchildren, your grandaughter is cute, love the photo. i'm a big fan of Alan Bennett but they don't show much of his stuff now which is a shame. Have a nice day out tommorrow.

Take care


Sal said...

So glad to see you back again Jeanie. I have so much missed surfing your journal! The picture is just perfect!

Christina said...

Your little Amy Grace is just precious. You are very blessed.

Julie said...

What a beautiful little granddaughter she is and what a smile. I am so glad to hear from you my friend. You sound like you have been nice and busy. Love the music

Joan said...

I hav missed you and your pictures of the lakes come back soon. Your are so kind to others please take time to look after you. LOve and take care Joan.

Kath said...

Why this was a lovely surprize good to see you around again.Well your Grandaughter is priceless.What a beautiful smile.You do keep busy Jeannie and so helpful to anyone and everyone.You will reap your rewards dear.I hope your friend soon feels much better.Prayers for her and you too.Enjoy your day out I hope the weather is kind to you safe journeys there and back.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Jenny said...

What a lovely photo.
Jenny <><

megryphon said...

Glad to see that you are busy, even though it is nice to read your posts.

As I said in my e-mail, looks like Amy Grace is a keeper.

;^) Jan the Gryphon

michele said...

hi jeanie nice to hear from you, sounds like you have been busy! beautiful photo she is gorgeous! take care mrs t xx

ADB said...

Very pleased to hear from you, Jeanie. Amy is a lovely little girl.
Don't worry about not being around, real life always takes precedence.


Gerry said...

I was glad to get a visit from you, Jeanie, at my blog, so decided to come and see what you had been up to. I hope you will find the time to blog more in the future, but we have to do what we have to do, even if it means taking a rest from blogging. I have to do that, too, and can't keep up with journals all the time, either. Gerry

pam said...

Hi Jeanie, I have been the same. Lovely pic of your grandaughter. What a sweetheart. Hope your friend makes a speedy recovery. Love Pam xx

Jan said...

I read this entry ,but didnt comment I meant too ,but got distracted forwarding it to Kate ,Your little Granddaughter is beautiful ,Isee you are as busy as ever ,love your picture of the old mangle ,one of my favourite pictures Jan xx

Pamela said...

Hi Jeanie, sorry I haven't been around. I'm finally over here. Your granddaughter is gorgeous. I think she really resembles you. I'm serious!
Hope you have a good weekend.
Hugs Pam

CINDY said...

she is beautiful. and yes us grandma's can say that about our grandbabies. hope you have a wonderful week.