Friday, 21 November 2008

Theatre visit to see Elkie Brooks on Saturday

Well..I had written another entry yesterday,prior to this one, but my wireless signal fizzled out and I lost it. It is so frustrating to loose something which you have created because it is so full of that mood of the moment of creation. To try to recall it ad verbatim is almost impossible. Besides.. I had been sat reading journals for what seemed hours and was as stiff as a board. So I gave up in a huff! Huh!
I had hoped to mention that my friend is showing some progress in her health since coming home from hospital as the week has gone by. She is much more positive now and happier. Thank goodness!
As for Ron, my elderly neighbour? I took him shopping, where instead of me tagging along with him, I let him off the leash for an hour and a half to do his own thing. It was very difficult to make that decision as I did worry how he would tootle about on his swollen legs and feet. He managed it no bother and was full of what he had been up to when we met up for lunch.
A sly satisfied smile spread across his face when he said he had walked to the mobility wheelchair shop (at the other end of town) and reconnoitred a nice little red buggy which he has his eye on for when he becomes less mobile. I made a little smiling moue in return as I realised he had gained a bit more independence, even though he misses not having his car. At least he has his own two feet. Bless him!
He came home inspired about setting off to Kendal by bus at a future date and returning on his own instead of relying on me. Hmmm....I think I might follow him at a distance. Lol!

Bryan and I are off to see Elkie Brooks at the Lancaster Grand Theatre tomorrow night. I hope she sings my favourite...Pearls a Singer. Does anyone remember her?

I shall try and imbed a UTube video of her here for you to see and listen to her. I just love her voice.
The show is a sell out so I am glad we booked two tickets a few of weeks ago.

That was just after we had a lovely evening out to Barrow-in-Furness at the Forum Theatre to see the Musical Story of Eva Cassidy's Life. Another one of my favourite singers.
Well folks..If I am not careful, I might get back to entering into my journal daily at this rate. hahaha!
What have you all done to deserve that!

Hope the video embeds and that you get to enjoy it.
Toodle pip for now.
Jeanie xxx


Jan said...

Here I am Jeannie first to comment ,hee hee I always was back in the good old days remember ? lol ,Yes I remember Elke Brooke and Pearls a singer ,and also love Eva Cassidy ,you are certainly giving your neighbour wings to fly ,how good he must feel and you have built that self confidence for him ,your a gud un Jan xx

Sal said...

What a great treat for Ron Jeanie, you must be so happy you are helping him towards his independance. Elkie Brooks was my late Dads favourite, and I too like her voice so much. "We Dont Cry Out Loud", and "No More The Fool" are two of my real favourites, especially the former. Have a fabulous time Saturday Jeanie, and dont forget to come back and write us all about it :-)
Love Sal xx

Yasmin said...

Love Elkie Brookes you hardly hear of her these days I like Lilac Wine.
glad your neighbour is faring much better must be great to have a little independence.

Have a good weekend


Aileen said...

Oh! What memories ..Elkie Brooks
mine was 'We don't cry out loud'..appropriate for my then Marriage.
Wasn't she with 'Vinegar joe' originally.Gosh! so long ago now.

Marie said...

I have never heard of Elkie Brooks. Thanks so much for introducing me to her! I loved reading about your day with Ron. You are a sweet neighbour and wonderful friend. I so wish we had been able to meet last summer...sigh . . .

ADB said...

Hi Jeanie,
Good to see you posting once again. Hope you had a good Sunday too


CINDY said...

sometimes the littlest things can make a person happy. thank you for following my blog.