Wednesday, 10 December 2008

'Tis the season to be moaning...tralalalalala!

Hey Ho! oven blew up and we had to go out and buy another one. Isn't it always the way?

I rarely use my under the hob fitted oven. My microwave, grill & oven does everything I need for the two of us.

I mainly use my oven over Christmas and New Year when all our family get together again.

So off we went yesterday and fetched the new one home ourselves. It was a struggle getting it into the car and an even bigger one getting it out again. Bryan had to cut the box top off so that he could extract the blessed thing! It is now sitting on the sofa waiting for the electrician coming on Friday. This one has a satin stainless steel finish, compared to the previous one, which was white enamel.

As long as it cooks my turkey and roasts etc I will be happy, until I need it again next year. Lol!

Christmas shopping is almost completed. Cards and calendars have been posted today.

Our village post office sold out of second class stamps. I'm glad I got mine before they ran out.

I am surprised that I have got it all together as we were snowed in recently. Our street never gets the sun in the winter, so if it snows or ices it stays lethal until it thaws properly.

Being at the top of a hill at this time of year is scary. I watch those who need to get out in their cars narrowly miss mine as they slip from side to side past us. So far so good this year...though I mustn't tempt fate by speaking too soon.

My friend who recently had a hysterectomy called round to see me for a little while the other day. She is still as weak as water but at least she is attempting to get out and about. Like the rest of us she was stir crazy because of being hemmed in by the snow and ice. That's been everyone's mantra recently here in the village.

One good thing about icy weather is the inky starlit skies at night and the clear blue sky days which sink to that beautiful duck egg blue, tinged with pink at the end of the day. I can forgive Jack Frost anything when I see the colours of the heavens in the wintertime.

Below are the words to a well known Christmas Carol.

It's time to limber up those vocal chords and tonsils everyone. Get yourselves into yodelling mode and hum a tune or two in time for Christmas.

All together now.....1..2..3..

The Holly and the Ivy : Lyrics

The holly and the ivy,When they are both full grown

Of all the trees that are in the wood

The holly bears the crown

O the rising of the sun And the running of the deer

The playing of the merry organSweet singing of the choir

The holly bears a blossomAs white as lily flower

And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ

To be our sweet Saviour

O the rising of the sunAnd the running of the deer

The playing of the merry organSweet singing of the choir

The holly bears a berryAs red as any blood

And Mary bore sweet Jesus ChristTo do poor sinners good

O the rising of the sunAnd the running of the deer

The playing of the merry organSweet singing of the choir

The holly bears a prickleAs sharp as any thorn;

And Mary bore sweet Jesus ChristOn Christmas Day in the morn.

O the rising of the sunAnd the running of the deer

The playing of the merry organSweet singing of the choir

The holly bears a barkAs bitter as any gall;

And Mary bore sweet Jesus ChristFor to redeem us all.

O the rising of the sunAnd the running of the deer

The playing of the merry organSweet singing of the choir

The holly and the ivyNow both are full well grown,

Of all the trees that are in the wood,The holly bears the crown.

O the rising of the sunAnd the running of the deer

The playing of the merry organSweet singing of the choir

I wish I knew how to add pictures underneath my entry. Every time I try to add one there it is placed at the top. Sheesh!
So if there are two at the top...pretend the one with the moon on it is at the bottom. Lol!
Must go...
My prayers are still being said for all of you who need them and have asked for them lately.

God bless.
Jeanie xxx


Jan said...

Great that your friend is getting out abit ,I am sorry your cooker decided to break down just now, Your hill sounds like a white knuckle view from the window imagine running out of second class stamps Jan xx

Amy said...

I had trouble with the positioning of my pictures, too! Then I found al you had to do was click the picture after it had been uploaded and drag it wherever you want it placed.

We got a cold front here yesterday! Maybe that will put me a bit more in the mood for Christmas......
love as always...

D said...

yikes sorry about your stove. By default pictures end up on top just click on them and drag them to where you want :) Good luck

Lisa said...

Too bad about your oven but getting a stainless steel one would make up for it for me...I love the look of them.

Geesh, I would be worried about having my vehicle hit as well. Hopefully nothing will happen this year and everyone, including your car, will survive the icy season.

Yasmin said...

My oven gave up the ghost a while back back with the microwave oven etc, it does for my needs, glad your friend is getting herself out and about. The weather up there must be awful for you so be careful.

To place your picture at the bottom of your entry just drag down, well try it anyway.

Take care


megryphon said...

Dragging the picture works pretty well, but if you get ambitious you might try going into the html and moving the code for the photo or video with cut and paste. The videos are objects. The photos start with a href and end with /a enclosed in carets. If you like, I will e-mail you more specific instructions.

;^) Jan the Gryphon

Marie said...

Sorry to hear about your cooker! It's never at a convenient time either is it!!! I, too, love these cold and frosty evenings. The sunsets and sunrises are spectacular!

Sybil said...

Trust the cooker to blow up just when it was most needed..couldn't it have happened in the summer time. I can just "see" you and Bryan trying to heave the monster into the house !! Thank goodness the snow had melted ot you might both have landed underneath it !!!
Lucky for us we have had no snow down here but lots of very heavy frosts like it is this morning it's just like snow out there.
Love for now sybil xxx

Sal said...

I sang this before everyone got up,I hope that's okay? They might have carried me off to the funnyfarm otherwise. :-)
Re positioning of pictures, while in edit, click and drag them. Any that you click and drag wont be left-clickable to show at full size, but at least you can put them where you want to.

Joan said...

What a lovely entry really enjoyed all you news. I think it is awful that our pavements are not fit to walk on at this time of year we do pay a lot of money to the council and just because we are rural they forget about us there joined in the moaning. Sorry about your cooker I am just waiting on my very elderly washing machine going bag as it sounds a an aeroplane taking off just now. Hope it stays till after the new year. Take care on those roads and pavements Love Joan.

Jenny said...

I have a double oven and usually only use the small one so i am hoping the big oven works for the turkey. I have not used it yet as it is new.
Jenny <><

Winivere said...

Thanks for visiting the Woman in the Glass Box. Hope to see you this way again...

Julie said...

Gee, I just came back and saw that the comment I left the other day is now gone. I'll try again. Hope your new oven is working well and it is warmer and not so slick out. Take care.