Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Lakeland weather ...


Here I am again with a short entry just to let you know that I am still alive.

We have rain here in the Lakes and I am very happy about that. If it snowed as much as the torrents we have had today, then we wouldn't get out for a month of Sundays. Lol!

Well..my oven has been fitted in, but the day after that the central heating boiler wouldn't come on, so we had to get a chap out to look at it. Bear in mind this is a brand new condenser boiler just put in this summer in readiness for the winter and cheaper bills.

Seemingly there was a small leak in one of the pipes so he put some 'magic fluid' into the system, and so far so good!

It was perishing cold at the time and it made both Bryan and I think of those poor folks who only can afford to heat one room and leave the rest cold.

Luckily for us we have the log burner, but when we left the room for anything our breath was condensing in the air.

Bless all those who are cold at this time of year. It just doesn't bear thinking about!

Fortunately we were only one day like that..to think of others who have to put up with this every day is a horrible thought.

I had a little memo to tell me it was Yasmin's birthday today.

Happy Birthday Yasmin!

Hope you had a lovely day!
I have just found out this afternoon that my grandson Ryan has a girlfriend. He is nine years old and so is she! Bless them!
Her name is Bethany and he wants to buy her a Christmas present. So.. he has asked his mum if she will help him to choose some jewellery for her when he comes home from school tomorrow.
When Samantha told me, I couldn't help laughing with her about it and then agreeing that he was 'growing up'. Bless him! Girlfriends at his age. Lol! Young love...eh?
She also mentioned that Hollie our granddaughter had been telling her Dad that she got up to dance at her school's Christmas party.
Her dad said "Not with a boy surely Hollie!" (She is 7 yrs old).
"Don't be silly daddy it was with a girl!"
"What if it had been a boy daddy?"
"Then he would have to ask my permission Hollie".
"Really daddy!" she asked.
"Yes.. they have to go through me first before they can dance with you" he smiled.
I guess that's the way all dad's feel about their precious daughters.
Well..my phone call from Samantha has used up some of the time I had intended on using on my entry. Must pop off now and make tea for Bryan and me.
I hope these pictures end up where I want them this time.
Thanks to eeryone who offered me the answers to moving the pictures about.
I also want to offer my prayers and condolences to a friend who lost her mum a few weeks ago. She is missing her desperately and is in need of prayers to help her grief.
Praying for her and her dear Mum.
Oh heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body, answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains.-
Kahlil Gibran
My next entry should have some more photos of the summer and Halloween on it as I have managed to find the cable which downloads the pictures onto my computer.
I had left it in the suitcase which I had taken with me in the summer when I went to look after my grandchildren and son-in-law. Iain had to go into hospital to have both legs operated on for varicose veins. Samantha needed me there to take the children to school, and collect them, as she was at University. We mum's come in handy now and then.
I hope to be back again tomorrow after I take my car in for its annual service and MOT to pop them into my entry.
Meanwhile...take care those of you who are having this awful cold weather across the pond.
Cheerieumsky for now.
Jeanie xxx


Jan said...

So lovely to know you are still around and well ,ready for Christmas? How lovely your little Grandson has a girl friend and that your Granddaughter has a strict Dad hee hee ..love Jan xx

Sybil said...

Hello there friend,
Sorry you are in the middle of what sounds like a monsoon..we have been ever so lucky and have avoided the worst of the rain down here..just cold cold cold...I am just on the mend from the first bout of flu I have ever had...even retired to my bed !!!!! for most of the day on Saturday...still much better today though left with a real old bark... I did have a smile at the thought of Ryan and the girl friend...hope he has enough money for the diamonds...tell Bryan to watch out he will be calling for a loan any day now !!
love Sybil xxx

Julie said...

Wet and rainy, almost makes the snow seem nice, not as sloppy. Glad they got your heater fixed. Its to chilly to not have heat. Hummm. tea sounds good. Think I'll make a cup. I am busy making cookies.

blondepennie said...

I hope you have had patience with me. This 'getting acquainted' with a new area is brain busting business. Maybe I'm just getting old. I have to call my grandson every once in a while as a tool of survival. He whips and pushes and everything falls into place. How the heck do they know all the right buttons? You have a lovely blog. Maybe someday I'll get there too. I cup of tea sounds lovely. My hands are so cold I can barely hit these buttons. Pennie

megryphon said...

Boy did I read that wrong. I thought you had written that you needed to take the CAT in for servicing. lol

the word verification is odecru. This is a new hue for crayons: the color of chewed chewing gum.

o<\\\\;^) Jan the Gryphon

Marie said...

WE had a pretty horrible weekend last with the weather as well. Lots and lots of rain. I find all this rain tiresome at times, but then again, like you I am glad it isn't snow, but a little bit for Christmas would be nice . . .

Yasmin said...

Thanks for the mention Jeanie, and so glad you've got your heating sorted, it has turned so cold, I too worry about those not able to afford to heat their homes properly it's scandolous really. how lovely your grandson has a girlfriend.

Take care


Lisa said...

Oh Jeanie, Moms come in handy ALL the time!!! I see you went from torrential rains to snow. I would prefer the rain myself.

When I go to bed these days I often think of those who are out in the world without shelter or those living in a house without heat. I count my Blessings for we never know what tomorrow will bring. I am glad your problems have been solved and the oven is in & ready to go.

Anonymous said...