Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Christmas photos

I hope you all had a happy Christmas.
Bryan and I spent ours here at home with our daughter and grandchildren.
Her husband is in the army and had to work again this Christmas just like last year.
It's such a shame to miss two Christmas's in a row but next year I know it will be extra special for them to have their dad with them at last.
Our New Year will be spent at our son's home with his family.
So we are getting ready to go visit with them for a few days.
Below are some of the holiday pictures taken indoors and outdoors.
The ones of the lake view were taken up on Post Knott a wonderful view not far from our house. It's quite a steep hill to get on top of and I have yet to make it since my breast cancer operation. I just don't have the legs for walking far these days. One day I will though!
The bonfire pictures are a traditional act which granddad loves to do and the children enjoy joining in.
I guess if Bryan were allowed to, he would happily become a pyromaniac as he just loves bonfires.
There are photos of Ryan and Hollie who get on so well as brother and sister you would think they were twins.
Hollie and Ryan took to the Karaoke machine that granddad bought in the Boxing Day Sales.
Once they found the echo chambers on it we were given a world war 2 siren sound repeated over and over until they were banned into the kitchen with it. Lol!
Junior monopoly found Hollie winning twice and some of us becomng bankrupt. Humph!We were treat to a puppet show which they wrote themselves.

All too soon it was time for them to leave but the pictures will hold the memories for a long time to come.
I hope your Christmas was a happy one too.
Since we will be away for a few days over the New Year I just want to wish you all 'A Happy New Year'.

I'll see you all again in the New Year.
God bless.
Jeanie xxx

Below is a link for you to see my greetings for the New Year. I Hope it works.


Julie said...

Oh my, the kids are getting so big. It doesn't take long does it. It looks like you had a wonderful and fun day for Christmas. Family makes it all the better. Love the views from the top of the hill. I got tired just thinking of how difficult and steep that must be to climb.

Gerry said...

Oh these photos are so nice. I think those kids really do look like they get on very well. Outdoors and in, thanks for sharing. Now I have got a touch of England in the Lakes for my holidays. Oh I just posted a big photo of Doc on my blog you must look at, he manages to look so young and handsome while actually an old wretch or I mean wreck. I am uploading him tackling Nelson and Coe karaoke for New Years. I can't wait to look at the map! And then mark it on my atlas. Happy Happy Gerry

Yasmin said...

Great pictures, and glad you had a nice Christmas, the Karaoke Maching is going to be fun.

Happy New Year


Jenny said...

lovely pictures once again and that does look a steep climb. Happy New Year to you.
Jenny <><

Joan said...

What a wonderful spot to spend Christmas. Great pictures hope you have a great vist with your family. Happy New Year. love Joan

Marie said...

Happy New Year Jeannie! I have enjoyed seeing all the pictures. You have such a lovely family! All the best to you in 2009!

Aileen said...

Lovely to see your Family Christmas,we always went to The Lakes for a 3 day Break for my B'Day Dec so miss that, and know how lovely it is.
Thanks for your 'visit'

Sal said...

Gorgeous photos Jeanie, really lovely. I enjoyed surfing here tonight. Wishing you both a VERY happy New Year. Love Sal. xx

Kath said...

Thankyou "A Very Happy New Year " to you and yours Jeannie too.May I wish you everything you wish for yourselves throughout 2009.The pictures are wonderful and it sounds you had a wonderful time too.The bonfire looked very welcomeing these cold nights LOL!!I know the feeling of climbing hills Phew it's just too much nowadays for me.Thankyou for your kind words and comments to me throughout 2008 much appreciated and may Good health be yours.Take Care God Bless Kath x

Jan said...

Ihave finally made it here ,I couldnt get into , many pages earlier in the week ,Your pictures were a joy to see ,belated though it is can I wish you and yours a Guid New Year , Jan xx

ADB said...

Thanks for sharing those xmas pics, Jeanie. Wishing you all that is good for 2009


CINDY said...

lovely pictures. you have a beautiful family and adorable grandchildren. i hope you had a great new years with them. happy new year to you and yours. ((((hugs)))))

michele said...

Hi jeanie, sounds like you had a great time! Ty for sharing your Christmas pics they are lovely, love the pics of the lake, beautifull. all the best for 2009 mrs t xx

Cathy said...

How I'd love to be in England, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, who cares lol I'd visit Scotland first then all my English pals. Envy you.

Anonymous said...