Monday, 15 March 2010

Mother's Day, visits and prayers.

I had a lovely surprise for Mother's Day yesterday.
Samantha came to visit with the 'munchkins'.
She does so well to make the round trip of 120 miles when she is in the closing stages of her university degree to be a teacher.
She brought roses and presents as well as lunch.
What a treat!
It was so nice to catch up with her again. 
I will have my grandchildren for the Easter holidays whilst she puts together her classrom teaching plans for her final full summer term placement at a school nice and handy for her to travel to.  It only takes her five minutes to get there.
Her dissertation is all bound and handed in; which she says was such a relief as it felt like part of her had gone into writing it up.
As a mature student I don't know how she has held the past four years together whilst she made this her aim but she has managed her time management well by waiting for the children to go to bed before she got on with her work and studies.
Her graduation ball will be this June and then on the 15 July we will be attending the ceremony at Carlisle Cathedral as she receives her graduation certificate.
I guess I am allowed to say that I am so proud of her and what she has achieved.
She was with me when I was diagnosed with my breast cancer.  It shook her to the core so much so that she decided that life was too short to not make the most of her time here on earth.
So you could say my cancer was a blessing too. 
Samantha with her Dad at Brockhole.
I'm behind the usual...being a pesky pest asking them to pose.  lol

Rachel &; Amy Grace

This is Rachel, my lovely daughter-in-law with Amy Grace.
She lost her darling Mum last April to a brain hemmorage.  Her Dad is in hospital at present and I want to wish him a speedy recovery.  I know how much she is worrying about him, so please... prayers for his safe recovery would be wonderful.
I know yesterday, 'Mother's Day' was difficult for her even though she has three children of her own to keep her busy.  I couldn't ask for a nicer daughter -in- law.  She is a District Nurse and has the perfect temperament for her job. 

Ben's 9th Birthday February 13th.
L/R....Rachel, Amy Grace, Matthew and Ben.

That's it for today folks.  I'm off to read a few journals.
I may not be around tomorrow as it's Bryan's Birthday and we are going out for the day.

For Paul..

God bless.

Jeanie  xxxx


Jan said...

Oh Jeanne ,I am so pleased to hear how well Samantha has done ,of course you are proud of her ,who wouldnt be ,and what a lovely Mothers day ,isnt it lovely that Rachel is so nice too ,we are blessed with our familys ,your Grandchildren are all gorgeous but of course you knew that... Happy Birthday to Bryan , Jan xx

Gerry said...

Looks like a very nice little family, your daughter-in-law and her three. And sounds like your daughter is very organized and has learned how to accomplish the most with her time. She sounds like she deserves your praise and pride in her. I hope she enjoys the job she will get after all her work!

Claudia's thoughts said...

How wonderful it is and how proud you must be. My daughter, Emily, will graduate with her Nursing Diploma in June. She had finished a degree in Music and did not attend graduation. (She plays in an orchestra, but there is not any money in it.)

I was sort of angry because I had assisted with the tuition and did not see her graduate that time.

I will get to go when she graduates this time. Nursing jobs are scarce here in Pennsylvania. They need nurses but everyone seems to have a hiring freeze.

Sybil said...

Hi Jeanie, sorry missed yesterday ! I am so happy for you taht you had such a lovely Mothers Day. As you so rightly say Samantha has done so well these last few years. I am almost as proud of her as you are !!
The bairns are all growing up so fast the wee one is gorgeous !!
Much Love SYbil xx