Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Memories of Guy

                                   A Vist of  an Angels Wings on a warm summer's day.

 Memories of Guy (C) Jeanie Kirkby 2009

A long time has passed since we were last together walking in companionable silence.
A memory of you flits into view now as a bee drones by intent on gathering nectar in the summer’s sun.
A time when you almost got too close for comfort when you pressed your nose curiously towards another bee on a similar summer day.
Closing my eyes to capture that memory, familiar lanes and woodland paths appear ahead of me of our usual walk. I look through the gloaming and see you fleetingly as you slip from tree to tree. You are always tantalisingly ahead and out of reach.
Only your back is visible, yet I know that you smile widely. You were never without that lollopy smile. This familiar knowledge warms my heart and turns my lips up into a loving smile too. I sense that you are happy and mischievous.
Deaf to my calls, when you know it doesn’t matter if you answer them or not, you push onwards following the well worn familiar trail.  I just want to keep you close to me and in sight, but you slink from view with only the sound of your feet for me to follow.
I skliff  amongst the crunchy leaves you have disturbed with your feet. Smells of damp rotting forest floor detritus extrudes familiar earthy smells.
In view again in a clearing you haltingly lift your head briefly to the suns rays while simultaneously sniffing the air, then you skip on, still elusive.
Today, I am reminded of those walks where we shared our love and companionship, listening and watching for the thrum of life in our beloved woodland.
The sun has warmed the earth for yet another year.
Floral perfumes hang redolent in the balmy air tempting me to breathe in deeply and absorb them into my spirit.
Just as the earth absorbed you, my beloved dog, when you left me here to walk the woodland paths alone.


ADB said...

Beautiful yet poignant, Jeanie. Guy is awaiting you beyond the Rainbow Bridge.


Jan said...

That is so tender Jan xx

Veronica B. said...

This brought a tear to my eye... thank you so much for sharing.

Andy said...

thats lovely

Julie said...

So sweet and the memories so strong I can see him running ahead of you, nose to the ground, tail wagging. Hugs to you my friend. Aren't we lucky to have been able to share our lives with such great animals.

Gerry said...

What a nice tribute to a loved companion of the four footed kind!

Claudia's thoughts said...

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Lori said...

How very beautiful!

Lisa said...

I love this poem and I could visualize your words. We can never replace our beloved fur friends but we can always cherish the memories we have. Very nice Jeanie.