Sunday, 21 March 2010

Just giving some old poems of mine a home on Blogger

A Spring Bouquet

When I woke to the Sunrise this morning

The birds sang their sweet sounding trill.

The flowers of the meadows and woodlands

Still slept upon my windowsill.

I had gathered them up in a bouquet

To place in full view for to see

Their beauty as nature unfolds them

With her magical mystery.

Their colours were vibrant, yet fleeting,

As their lives slowly faded away.

Their vitality was not for my keeping.

I could not, with love, make them stay.

Much better by far that they’d lingered

In the earth from whence they came forth.

To light up our lives for much longer

Than plucking them out with such force.

(c) Jeanie Kirkby

by Jeanie Kirkby ©

Images around me seem

Just like phantoms in a dream.

Colours take on different hues

Fiery Red, Purple, Blues.

My daydream shimmers in the heat

Perusing dancing children’s feet.

Their arms linked through like metal chains

As they sing to God for Blessed rains

Their earth is parched there is no yield

Of grain or oats in these dry fields.

The famine hits both man and beast

As yet again there’ll be no feast.

The brazen sun beats down its rays

Drying out hope that soon one day

The parched and sandy fields will be

Places of verdant grass and trees.

© Jeanie Kirkby


Jan said...

What a delightful entry today to mark Spring's arrival (at last )Love Jan xx

Sybil said...

What a delight to open up and see an entry from my Jeanie...Loved the are great,
Much Love Sybil xx

Gerry said...

I always associate English poets with the beautiful English country side. I remember thinking when I was young that I wished I could get to those English moors. They sounded so romantic especially with the rain to keep them green the way the poets wrote about them. I don't think I have ever read an English poet writing about drought! Hmm. I enjoyed reading a real English poet I met through blogging so much!

Marie said...

Beautiful poems Jeanie. I love them. I also love the birdsong and music. I was trying to find a way to put birdsong on my own page, but I couldn't find any birdsong. I will miss my birds when we move. Hopefully I will be able to attract some to our garden, but there won't be the oodles and oodles that we get down here nestled in the countryside once we are in the city. xxoo

Julie said...

Those are just lovely. You have a talent.

Lisa said...

Beautiful poetry Jeanie. I agree with Julie, you are very talented.