Friday, 8 April 2011

Our Maestro Ben.

I took this at our house at the beginning of the year, when our Martin, Rachel and their little brood came to visit.  I really look forward to seeing my grandchildren!  Ben had only had  8 lessons and I think he is doing wonderfully well!  He is playing with two hands as well as reading the music.  Don’t  children pick up new challenges quickly?
I have another one or two in which you can see he has progressed.  I will have to wait before I can upload though.
Amy Grace is sitting quietly on her stool and Matthew who is 7 is dancing about.
Time flies doesn’t it?  It hardly seems like any time at all since I posted a photo of Amy Grace on here when she was new born.  She will be four on the 17 of April.  She will graduate to the infants from nursery, not this September but the following one.
She loves her ballet dancing classes and Matthew would love to learn to play the Bongos.  That sounds like it will be fun.  lol
You will have to turn off the music in my sidebar to listen to him play.


Bye for now!  xx

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Marie said...

They grow up so fast Jeanie!! He is probably a natural with it, having picked it up so quickly! We are enjoying a gorgeous day here today. One must take full advantage of it while it lasts as we never know when all the lovely weather will disappear! xxooinnec