Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Community Photo Challenge - Spring

Community Photo Challenge - Spring
This is a beautiful time of year and we want to see what spring looks like in your area.  This challenge starts today and will end April 14. Come back and leave your blog link by clicking the link above.
I thought I would take part in this challenge.  I hope more of you do .

Click on the photographs to see a larger version.

                  Spring in the Lake District
Carlisle Castle Park and Garden Flower 029
Lambing time.
Carlisle Castle Park and Garden Flower 021

A corner of my garden today in the spring.  Primroses, hellebores', heathers and the fresh green leaves of the poppies, to name but a few.

Good luck and have fun to those who enter.
big yellow long armed hug
            HUGS  JEANIE


Gerry said...

Oh, what absolutely adorable sheep. I love these photos. They are so spring.

Eng said...

love the cherry blossoms (i think) and the sheeps wandering around the place. i am thinking of spending a week in lake district come summer time and you've just given me a push to do so...

thanks for your comment on my dewdrop. i'm glad you like it!

gina said...

what lovely gardens you have! i love that top photo...the mom with 2 babes resting under the beautiful peaceful and serene.

Ellen said...

I'm jealous... it's still trying to be Spring here, half of our snow has melted..
AND it looks very much like Spring in your neck of the woods. I like the top photo best.
Is that a large bird in the bottom left corner?

MariesImages said...

Stunning images all perfect for spring! Top one is my favorite!!

Lisa said...

Awww....I luv the sheep & the little lamb! Lovely pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanie,
Wordsworth and Coleridge were right about the beauty of your garden.

Oh I wish I could add a little lamb to our environment.

Thanks for taking the time to photograph and post.

sunflowerkat321 said...

What a beautiful garden! I enjoyed these photos and the later posts as well. The lamb is just precious!