Saturday, 9 April 2011

Feeling a wee bit poorly today….

butterfliesladyaddmainpage I am in bed with another ear infection in both ears.  I have no hearing in my right ear so I rely on my left, which is very acute, to make up for any loss.  This last week I have been putting up with a ‘bug’ which took my voice away, to the relief of Bryan I might add.    ‘Peace and quiet rules’ he muttered. My voice came back again a couple of days ago; Well it is croaky, but at least it doesn’t sound as though I am being strangled to death! 
This morning I woke up to both ears discharging.  Blood from one and ‘stuff’ from the other.  My hearing is again sounding as though everything is away in the distance.
This has been coming and going since last December and I have had antibiotics for it, which knock it on the head until times like these. I guess I am going to have to see the doctor on Monday and ask for him to send me to my ENT specialist.  I usually have an annual MOT done at the hospital every year but this is getting a wee bit out of hand for my own practitioner I think. We are not getting anywhere fast!
A good old siphon with his magic machine, which gives me the spins, usually does the trick.  Then some drops to dry it all up.  This time I have a sort of feeling the blood could be coming from a mastoidectomy cavity. If that is possible.  We will see soon enough.
I hope I feel better by this Tuesday as I have paid for tickets to go and see John Williams, the classical guitarist playing at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal.
I hope this link works below.  If not I’m sure if you are interested you can Google it on UTube.
It’s lovely weather today.  Tomorrow is said to be more of the same then some rain on Monday. We can’t really complain with this recent spell of spring weather here in the Lakes

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Sybil said...

My dear dear Jeanie, I am so sorry about your ears. I so enjoyed our wee chat and found great strength from my good friends who are so loving to me. I am praying hard that the earache goes soon and at least the Dr. gets you to ENT as an emergency appointment..I do so hope you get to the concer on Tuesday and that you can hear a little if not all of his beautiful playing. Thank you for sharing that lovely melody ...
Much Love to you both.
Sybil xx
PS Around 1.30 on Tuesday if you are able please give an extra thought to me and send a virtule hug...

Gerry said...

Your ailment in the ears does not sound like fun. I hope you can find a doctor to treat it and clear up the problem of hearing! My hearing is impaired but not from infection as I don't have any. But can't seem to get to the doctor to get it tested. My G. Grandmother lost some of her hearing at my age. She seemed to hear about like I do. I wonder if it is the weather there that promotes the infections? Phoenix is so warm and dry I have had almost none of that for some years. I am sorry to read you are so uncomfortable. Hopefully spring will bring a respite.

Kath said...

Awwww Jeannie it must be awful what you are having to put up with .I too am hard of hearing but no pain thank goodness.So i do know what its like to not hear as one should.I hope you get sorted out quickly enough to enjoy your concert.Sorry I cannot watch the video's as I am waiting someone to coem and see why i cannot dpwnload a flash player.I have tried alsorts but still no success.Grrr.I miss my music video,s too. Hasn't it been lovely weather.Not been online this weekend.I have been tidying the garden up and cutting the large lawns..Sick of waiting for the local authority to come along..I'll do my flipping own thankyou Heeeee.It will kill or cure me.Prayers always for your good health.Take Care God bless Kath xx

ADB said...

Hope this finds you feeling better, Jeanie

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hello Jean,
thank you for the warm comment on my humble blog: TOM'S JOURNAL. I live in Wisconsin [up North], and am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and a retired Chrysler worker: 30.5 years. I can't wait to plant my veggie garden this Spring. Bless you!


natalie said...

Dear Jeanie,
Thank you so much for your kind comments! I wish you Get Well Wishes and Happy Holiday Weekend!
Please let everyone know how you are recovering! love,natalie

michele said...

Sorry to hear you are not well Jeanie I hoep you are feeling better soon. Thank-you for your recent visit :) Have a lovely weekend Mrs T xx

natalie said...

Jeanie how did it work out? Are you totally well now? hope so!
love, natalie