Sunday, 18 July 2010

Samantha's Graduation photos....etc

Samantha was awarded and upper 2:1 Degree for her Bachelor of Arts Qualified Teacher Status Primary Education Degree, with Maths as her specialism, on Thursday 15th July at 10.00am in Carlisle Cathedral Cumbria.
I think it will be obvious how proud I am of her, and all the hard work she has put into this degree over the past four years.
Apart from doing a full time degree and raising her children, she never studied at home until they were in bed. She also did holiday cottage work in the summer season to bring a bit more money into the home.
I don't know how she managed it all but she did and Thursday 15th July was the proof of all that hard work.
She didn't aim for a first degree but got close to it nevertheless.  Her reasoning was that it would take all her attention from the children and that was not negotiable.
It was worth my having been diagnosed with breast cancer just to see her, at last, fulfill her destiny.
She was with me on the day I was given the diagnosis, as Bryan couldn't drive, just in case I was unable to drive back home again.  The previous week I had to drive thirty miles back home after being given a biopsy and that, I can tell you, was traumatic to say the least!
Outside the hospital, after the diagnosis, we hugged and talked.  I was happy to think that at least I had seen all my grandchildren born, with the exception of Amy Grace.  I had a very dear friend, I told her, who died of cancer and she never got to see her first grandchild.  There are blessings in life that you can find, even if one has been given devastating news like I had then.
This motivated Samantha into looking at her life when she thought.."Why not live the life I want right now?"
She missed out on entering the Charlotte Mason University of Cumbria at first, as her school qualifications needed updating.  So...a year at college got her the exam results for her to try again. She ended up being accepted this time, making Mathematics her specialism.
Her Maths teacher told her at school that she would never ammount to anything in maths, so her degree has 'cocked a snook' at her, whilst prooving her wrong into the bargain.
Samantha never forgot that teacher and promised that she would always look for the best in every child if she qualified.
Her 'last placement' headmistress, the staff, as well as parents, sang her praises. Straight away they gave her 'supply teaching work' for a week following her placement.  Sadly there is no place at that school for her, but she was told they would have her back any day.
The children adored her and she them.
She was also invited to their end of term staff dinner.
Below are some of the photos taken on the day of her Graduation.  There are some of her Graduation Ball too.
It was St Swithin's day, the day she recieved her degree. By jings didn't we know it!.  It sounded like a battalion of Irish dancers were tap dancing on the roof of the Cathedral.  Good job we were all inside at the time.
The 'Parade' of students managed to get inside on time too.
Thank the Lord!

Have a peek at the photos....

Samantha leaving her graduation inside Carlisle Cathedral.

Iain (Samantha's husband) with Samantha's 'study buddy' Steve.

Two of her tutors.

Outside the hotel where the graduation ball was being held.

Samantha looking like a film star at her Graduation Ball.

Samantha's best friend Clare had her mum make this.  She went to the trouble of using a diabetic recipe too.  Bless her!

Proud Mum and Dad.


I wont be around much this summer as we have a lot of visitors coming for their holidays.
My ex-sister-in-law is coming for a week this Monday and Samantha, hubby children and friend  with child will be coming next weekend to see the RAF Display Show here in the Lakes.
No doubt she will stay over for a few more days and then I expect my son to come and visit with his ' Little Munchkins' too.
I have not long said goodbye to my old schoolfriend Maureen who visited me, for the third time since my diagnosis, from Australia.  We had a brilliant re-union, putting my diabetes aside, we celebrated all the long weekend with her favourite tipple champagne, catching up in the lovely sunshine she brought with her.

Hollie..Maureen.. Ryan.. dressed up and playing to the 'audience'.  lol

Maureen and Bryan.

If you don't see me around much this summer.. I will be back again in the Autumn.
Stay well and happy.
God bless!


Liz said...

Many congratulations to Samantha and many thanks to you for sharing this moment that has brought so much happiness to you and your family.
I hope you enjoy a blissful summer with long evenings spent remembering long lived days.

May your God bless you with health and happiness.

Jeanie said...

Thank you so much Liz. I wish the same for you. Jeanie

ADB said...

Enjoy summer, Jeanie, hope it's better than we've so far seen up here in the Hebrides. See you in the autumn if not before.

BritSAL said...

Wonderful, joyful photos. What a determined family you have ( thank God ). You must be SO proud my friend :-)
Hugs, Sal xx

BritSAL said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. No wonder you are proud!
Hugs, Sal

Aileen said...

It goes without saying how proud you must be!

Nice to see photos, and you look gorgeous (love the white jacket)

I have posted today, and not so good news for me.

* posted about an hour ago, but don't think it saved?


Aileen said...

Thanks for your email Jeanie, It should have said 'commented'

Not with it at all today!


Jenny said...

How proud you must be and what a blessing our children are to us. Have a good summer.
Jenny <><

nancy said...

Congratulations to Samantha and may the good Lord follow her as she follow her dreams.Glad to see you posting again.Take care!

Jeannette said...

No wonder you are proud of Samanthat, what an achievement! Pass on my congratulations to her, enjoy your summer and be happy.

Jan said...

I did comment yesterday but dont know what happened ....I said, yes you are so right to be proud of Samantha ,she has done so well ,cant believe that is four years ago ,enjoy your Summer and hurry back Jan xx

Julie said...

Congratulations so Samantha, what a proud moment. I would have shed a tear or two. And she looks lovely as usual. Have fun this summer, we will miss you.

Amy said...

Samantha does look that dress! (especially that jacket!)

Sybil said...

OH Jeanie, I am so so happy for you all. what a wonderful daughter Samantha has been and she has been blessed with such wonderful parents . These photographs are just great.. You sure are in for a very busy few weeks ahead...Please take care and take time for yoursleves. The garden is looking wonderful in the background. Hope you are not being washed away with the rain I see forecast for your area.
Things down here are not so good. but will be in touch again soon.
Love sybil x

Lori said...

Congratulations to Samantha! Those pics are great. It looks like they had a lot of fun at their ball, too. I hope you have a wonderful summer with your guests!

michele said...

hello Jeannie :) congratulations to Samantha and what a beautiful dress! Have a wonderful summer take care mrs t xx

natalie said...

wonderful Jeannie!
thanks for sharing that with us! please come by and visit my blog an leave a comment at Lurkynat
I love your music and your philosophy as well