Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Well, it rained quite heavily through the night.  This morning brought bright sunshine then rain showers.  It's about normal for this time of year.
The trees are loosing their autumn adornments quite rapidly now.  They added a warmth to the scene each day.  Now their starkness will add an atmosphere of winter to come.
The seasons fascinate me when I look at my garden.  There are still some stalwart plants out there, even though we have had frosts and snow recently.
Our skies are leaden grey, with chinks in the clouds letting through the sun, which looks like a searchlight in the dark.
It's welcome, as it highlights the garden and buildings in a light fit for a theatrical show.
As for the rain... it's great to splash in the puddles.  No matter your age.   lol

Have a good day where you are...

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