Monday, 4 February 2013

This was last weeks snow.  It stayed a day and come the rained.  It is almost gone off the fells now, but nary a sign of it on the roads and gardens.
Today.. powerful gusts of wind are propelling those on foot up our steep hill.  This weather can come in handy!  lol
The little yellow wagtail is a regular daily visitor to the feeding station under our stone bench. Porridge oats and suet fatballs have been seeing him and other wild birds through these hard months.
A pair of robins visit the station.  A rare sight.  They must be a couple, as males don't allow other males into their territory.
Blackbirds, sparrows and wrens also visit, as well as a deformed pigeon and its partner. 
I am not overly fond of pigeons, but at this time of year I can't bear to see any living creature suffer without food.
There is a cute little mouse which lives in the stone wall... it hopped down and up onto the wall again before the sun rose.  It was so tiny!
I'm off to play  indoor flat green bowling tomorrow up at Penrith. ( About 30 miles from here).
A large group of us take over the facilities for the day, once a fortnight.  Lunch is prepared and served buffet style for us, before we resume again in the afternoon.  I so enjoy the day!
Bryan doesn't join me now as he plays for an indoor short bowls team.  He found that playing the longer flat green bowls didn't help his accuracy when playing short green bowls.

We both play crown green bowls from spring through to the beginning of winter. That's a different game altogether compared to flat green bowling.   Crown Green Bowling is more difficult because each green has a crown and various dips and hollows which you have to work out for yourself as you play.  We play in the Rural and Senior team which gets our old tickers going when taking part in competitions.   lol 

I hope to make this the first of regular entries from me....hopefully!
Since Facebook came along there has been fewer entries.  I never thought that would happen but...there you are!  Such is life.


ADB said...

Things have changed, Jeanie, since AOL and after Facebook. But I still find a blog easiest to write something substantial, and add the pics in the place I want them. Thanks for sharing the lovely snow pics, but not so lovely for the poor birds.

natalie said...

Jeannie..thanks for the lovely netry adn the great pictures of the beautiful birds and the game you were playing on the lawn! very nice really
love, natalie

Jeanie said...

Thanks for your visit Natalie. I hope you are feeling much better now? I am keeping fine.